Introduction of Fujian Funan Bearing Co., Ltd 

Fujian Funan bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese Quanzhou Nanan City, covering an area of 100000 square meters, across the sea from Taiwan, is the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road ", the hometown of national hero Zheng Chenggong.

China's reform and opening up has brought economic prosperity and development, and has made the manufacturing industry of Quanzhou ball bearing with seat. Now the brand and output of "Quanzhou made" ball bearing with seat has an absolute advantage in the whole country. Funan bearing FZB 、FGJ is one of the most influential brands.

Ball bearing is a kind of bearing unit which can be used and installed independently. It is easy to install and has wide applicability. It is used in all kinds of transmission and automation equipment, such as ventilation equipment, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery and various transmission equipment.Funan bearings specializing in the production of a full range of outer spherical ball bearings, with outer spherical ball bearings, bearings and non-standard customized products.Now has Japan's new East automatic casting production line, with the annual production capacity of 12000 tons of ash and ductile iron bearing seat castings; with domestic advanced bearing machine processing equipment, bearing seat automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, bearing seat cleaning, dehydration, rust prevention continuous production line, annual production of 8 million bearings; with the industry's leading bearing ring grinding production line and bearing cleaning assembly line, annual production of 5 million sets of bearings;

Funan bearings rely on product quality to survive, equipped with advanced, complete, precision bearing and bearing seat inspection and testing equipment: such as raw material composition analyzer, tensile testing machine, high precision roundness meter, contour and roughness detector, bearing noise vibration measuring instrument and so on.

Fu Nan bearing adheres to the development concept of brand building as the direction, management as the foundation, quality as the foundation and continuous improvement. It firmly believes that stable and high quality products depend on sound and effective quality management system, strict control of production links, advanced production equipment, exquisite technical technology, accurate and strict testing means and scientific management.

FZB、FGJ bearings have been successfully matched with domestic fan equipment, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile inspection lines and so on. While actively opening up the domestic market, Funan bearings also actively expand the international market, among which Europe, North America, South America and Asia and other regions have

Funan bearing products in the service of users, and has been widely praised.Funan bearing business philosophy: people-oriented, quality first, win-win cooperation. To provide customers with satisfactory products and services.